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In this article we are going to introduce five amazing tech gadgets we are very sure you will love them.

Personal Air Conditioner:

Need an Air conditioner but can’t afford? Here is the solution!!!

Geizeer is a Simple Air Conditioner ice powered cooling system that uses a special Gel which is under 1 cent a day. Just keep the cone shaped ice pack in the freezer for some time and then keep it in the Geizeer case to match the blue lights. The Geizeer case is made of Insulating , Eco-friendly wood which elevates the slow defrost of the ice pack, giving you a very long Air Conditioning.

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The complete insulation makes it safe for kids too. So if you want to buy an Air Conditioner, Better remember the Geizeer.


You may have so much work that you can’t even charge your Mobile phone and Laptop. The long ran Power Banks offer only a limited charge and if the capacity is high, so as the size, making it difficult to carry. Omnicharge is the solution. Youu can charge your mobile phone, Laptop, Camera and many other electronic devices with the Omnicharge at once. And it can be charged with any Pin around you, i.e., not just the traditional USB. The 20400mAh Omnicahrge can even charge your Powerful Camera. So hurry up and grab it.

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Tired of switching the screen of your mobile for simple daily needs? popSLATE is the solution. popSLATE is an iphone compatible hardware which serves as a secondary screen for your notifications. It connects to your apps, searches and fetches functions for you for your daily needs . It also serves as your personal assistance like Siri but with the intake of less power. It offers your phone, a better protection from falling. The main advantage of it is , you don’t need to turn your screen on every time you need some simple task and hence improving the battery life of your mobile. popSLATE also charges your mobile with its buit-in battery and serves you in your tough situations with your battery.

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EXO for iPhone:

Your precious iPhone may get damaged when it falls from certain heights. Exo, its light-weight metal body protects your phone from getting hard blows by the walls and floors. Exo doesn’t just protect your phone but gives you many other advantages.

You can carry your earphones without forgetting when you have the Exo. No more uneasiness of holding your mobile phone while driving and navigating using GPS. You can carry your mobile even if you don’t have any pockets, with the leather case that is held by Exo.

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Ching Yun 3D:

Ever felt that some videos or movies you watched would be better if they were 3D? Of course now you can see anything that you want to in 3D with the Ching Yun 3D. Now you can watch your favorite T.V Shows, Movies and even Games in 3D. It’s simple to use Ching Yun 3D. You can connect it to any of your traditional displaying devices like T.V , Mobile Phone , Game station etc., You can operate it with the provided remote and have 3D experience with the Ching Yun 3D glasses.

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