How To Setup Multiple Whatsapp(4 accounts) accounts on single phone

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Whats app: 

Whats app is a texting service which replaced our regular SMS text messages.Whats app uses your mobile internet connection for messages you can also make calls using whats app.

Whats app calling uses your phone’s internet connection,instead of using cell plan’s voice minutes you can also make FREE* calls using your whats app for your friends and family who stays in other countries.

How to use 4 whats app accounts on same phone

So,Now lets look how can we use 4 Whats app accounts on  same phone.

1.Download the QUAD Whats App Package which consist of below 3 Whats apps in addition to your original Whats app    

QUAD Whats App Package contains below 3 Whats apps

  • OGWhatsApp
  • ENWhatsApp
  • SAWhatsApp



2.Before you install this QUAD package we recommend you to take backup of your original whats app 

3.Install all the three Whats apps shown above image on your phone one by one.

4.Once you done with the installation you can activate all four whats apps on your phone with 4 different numbers.

Now you are done you can start using your four whats apps that are on same phone.

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