How to use your smartphone as mouse,keyboard or motion sensing device for your PC

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This is the article not only focusing on how to use your smartphone as mouse or keyboard for your PC.

After reading this article you will be also able to use your smartphone as motion sensing device on your PC and play video games on your PC using your smartphone.

The powerful software that we are going to introduce in this article will support with ANDROID,IOS and WINDOWS devices.

Go to your play store and download the software called Monect PC Remote.This software will work with both Bluetooth and WIFI network hence you can use this software even without internet connection.

You need to download and install the software Monect PC Remote on your PC and smartphone.Since installation is easy i am not going post any snap shots on how to install the software.

Once you install the software open it on your PC it appears as shown below


Now open the software on your android software it appears as shown below.



In the image shown above i have connected to my PC using WIFI you can also connect using Bluetooth.

Now click on the PC name that you are connected in my case i have connected to suresh-PC. Once you click on that you will be taken to below screen and now you have full control on your PC.



In the screen shown above i have selected mouse you can also select keyboard from top left second icon .Now you have full control on your PC you can also shutdown and restart your PC.

Also there are many supported features by this software some of them are you can use your phone as projector,Data cable and also it will support video games .

Have a look at below snapshots to get the view of few other support features by Monect PC Remote.

pc-remote2 pc-remote1


If you want to explore more about this software just install and give a try.

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