These 6 Foods Will make you Healthy and Live Longer

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Your health is always depends on your food habits and the exercises that you do to make your body fit,There are many ways to add years to your life.

We all know that people who live in blue zone areas are healthy and disease free until their 60’s and 70’s and they live 100 or more than that its just because of their food habits and regular exercises

In this article we will introduce foods that will make you healthy and live longer life.


Apples are extremely rich in most important antioxidants,Fiber and Flavanoids .

Antioxidants are disease fighting components scientific studies reveled that antioxidants helps to prevent and repair oxidation damage that happens during normal cell activity.

Good Food habits

in one study people who ate one apple daily saw a 23% drop in their bad cholesterol and 4% increase in their good cholesterol.

Apples are full of fiber that gives you huge list of health benefits.

Consumption of flavonoids rich apples will help you to reduce developing pancreatic cancer by 23%.Woman who eat at least one apple a day are 28% less likely to develop diabetes.


Watermelon is a food that provides huge amount of Vitamins , Minerals and antioxidants .


Watermelon packs high in cancer and heart disease fighting lycopene. Eating 2 cups of watermelon everyday is very good for health.

Each juicy bite of watermelon has vitamins A,C and B6 and also lots of lycopene,antioxidants , amino acids and also modest amount of potassium.


Different nuts have different nutrition credentials and will offer various health benefits.Just make a habit of eating any kind of nuts only hand full per day.

healthy-foods to live longer

Two studies from Harvard School of Public Health found that who eats nuts more often they lower the risk of ding young.

As per research only a hand full of any kind of nuts is enough per day.

4.Sweet potatoes

Sweet Potatoes are a very good source of Vitamin A ,C ,B6 and also manganese, copper, pantothenic acid.

Healthy food to live long

Also a source of DHEA ,a hormone that may help the body defend itself against aging.Sweet potatoes also hold Vitamin D which helps to build health  bones.


Mushrooms are good sources of selenium, antioxidant mineral, copper, niacin, potassium and phosphorous also vitamin C.

Healthy food to live long

Mushrooms stimulate the immune system enough to prevent infections and also tumours. Inexpensive white button mushrooms are high in antioxidants.

You will also get Vitamin D in some types of mushrooms these are best source to gain Vitamin D


Seaweed looks like spinach it includes some types of Red,Brown and Green algae

seaweed health benifits

A study led by scientists (Dr. Iain Brownlee and Professor Jeff Pearson) at Newcastle University found that eating seaweed reduced fat digestion by more than 75% this will help you to reduce your weight and and lower unhealthy cholesterol levels.

Seaweed also contains heart healthy fats called Omega-3 fatty acids.This type of fat helps to raise healthy good cholesterol levels, while lowering harmful bad cholesterol levels












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