Who Own’s the INTERNET?

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The internet is the global system of connected networks which use the  protocols called TCP/IP to link the billions of devices across the globe.

Who Own's the internet

It is not a unified, single entity it is a network of networks That consists of  Private, Public, Hybrid, community and Government networks of local to global scope .World wide it is linked by broad array of electronic,wireless,wires and optical networking technologies.

In simple words internet is not owned by any single person or a single company.Its like a telephone network  Airtel,Idea,Vodafone..etc as we have in India. No one owns the whole thing they have build their own towers and providing services with in the country.

But internet works all over the globe combining the entire universe.As we know millions of people and Organizations owns the internet for their business and transaction purposes and each of which has an owner.Some of these owners can have the right to control quality and speed for the internet that you are using. They might not own the whole thing but they are the owners and can mange your network speed we call them as ISP’s.

So here ISP’s are divided into more categories .So in this article for better understanding lets say we have 3  categories of ISP.

  • Tier1
  • Tier2
  • Tier3

Tier1: Tier 1 Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) are those who has connected different continents ,Countries through cables through underground (These are connected through the underground of the Ocean).companies like Verizon,NTT..etc..

Tier1 ISP’s are those who has established connections International wide with their own  equipment.

Who is the Owner of the internet

Tier2: Tier2 ISP’s are those who has established their network national wise i.e.Country.If we take national wise ISP companies few of them BSNL,Airtel,Reliance etc.

So these national wise ISP’s will be paying to Tier1 ISP’s to get connected through out the globe since Tier1 ISP’s have a network that they can support with.

Tier3: Tier3 ISP’s are those from which we are getting broadband connection which operates locally i.e.City .

There are many examples we can give for Tier3 service providers few of them are Hathway,Beam,Spectranet..etc.

So,as per our research and investigation we can say that Tier1 ISP’s no need to pay for any one for the internet but there is no single owner for the internet.

In this article we have just given easy understandable and simple explanation for Who own’s the Internet.

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