Why do mosquito’s bite these people more than others

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Mosquito’s unfairly targets some people more than others do you believe is this true? To know more let’s get into the details.

This is something that bug me from long time. Certain people will not bitten very much by mosquito’s  while others do,Do you want to know why this happens with few reasons


scientific studies have given few reasons with explanations so lets get into those details

  • Mosquito’s targets 1 out of every 5 people as per the studies.Only female mosquito’s bite.
  • Initially they will be attracted by the carbon dioxide that we exhale.Once mosquito’s gets closer to the human body it will respond to the smell of potential blood source’s skin.
  • Every human body will have up to 400 chemical types on their body that could play a role in attracting mosquito’s .This smelly mix produced by bacteria living on our skin and oozed in sweat varies from person to person which makes mosquito’s to find right person based on the smell.
  • Scientific studies also explains that mosquito’s will attract to the people who sweat more
  • Particularly for blood type “o” ,Pregnancy and beer drinking people will attract mosquito’s more than others.

These are the details that we have gathered on why mosquito’s bite some people more than other’s.

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